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For us the translation process is something that goes beyond the simple conversion of a text from one language to another. Each text contains a message to be delivered in full into the other language, without straying away from the informative and cultural context.

The fact that translations are done by native speakers is absolutely fundamental in what has now become a fully automated process, based on the constant selection and training of the translators, on continuous terminological updating through databanks, the creation of dedicated glossaries, the use of CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) technologies and, finally, on stringent quality control.

460 freelancers and over 200 language combinations: these are the figures that make Studio C.E.T. "leader of the pack".

Our computer network enables us to make real-time use of the skills of translators with specific knowledge in the field, regardless of their actual location.

Our experience has grown alongside Italian and foreign companies of all sizes, for which we have literally translated every type of document, from simple illustrative leaflets to instruction manuals, from online help sections to operator’s and maintenance manuals, contracts, summonses, proxies, articles of association and financial statements.

We specialise above all in the technical and legal sectors. If required, translated texts can be certified and authenticated by our Law Court Experts.

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