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We help companies to be more competitive in the market thanks to new digital possibilities.web11Through communication strategies and innovative solutions we help make the most of the opportunities offered by the web, both to acquire new customers and to strengthen the corporate image.

No matter how big or small you From the small company website, to the creation and creation of complex web portals, we are able to offer various modular and scalable solutions. In over 18 years of work we have created hundreds of web projects, many of which are successful. By making our creativity and expertise available, we can help you make the most of the online channel, in order to increase and promote your activities through the web. Hundreds of thousands of websites are on the net today, but only a few are those that manage to capture the visitor's attention. A graphically welcoming and above all intuitive site, it also allows the less expert visitor to navigate easily and find what he is looking for immediately. It is therefore essential that ease of use and management go hand in hand with a good graphical interface. Our company also meets the customer in this by providing the ability to customise icons and graphic content using tools such as Illustrator and Indesign. Web activities are also the most traceable and measurable ever, but this is rarely done on a systematic basis. We, on the other hand, love to collect data, interpret it, aggregate it in order to translate it into concrete actions that improve the effectiveness of each communication action. Whatever the client's needs and budget, our team is able to improve or create your web presence from scratch, offering choices and styles in step with the times. The complete transparency of the work and the continuous interaction with the customer make the dialogue and the construction phases a pleasure and a moment of growth both for us and for the companies that rely on our experience. We were among the first to use CMS (content manager) in the construction of portals and web areas, we give, through the use of this tool, the possibility to the customer to manage directly and independently both the contents and the areas of his web space , without necessarily being an expert in programming.

Our best creations are multilingual and responsive, therefore visible from any type of screen. The percentage of those who now surf the net with a "mobile" smartphone or tablet device is the majority, therefore not having a "responsive" site means preventing many from navigating your site optimally.



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CET srl
Modena, Via begarelli 13

Carpi, Via Meloni di Quartirolo 8

+39 059 212107 r.a.
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Platforms for online courses (E-learning) and for surveys or evaluations

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